Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ghost for sale

            Aaah T-Frere’s House Bed and Breakfast in Lafayette, Louisiana, is now on the market. The 9-bedroom, 9.5-bath home has been featured on the Travel Channel and was raved about by AAA Travel Magazine, Trip Advisor and others. The Acadian Colonial-style home built in 1880 of Louisiana Red Cypress hauled from the Vermillion Bayou also features a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment with kitchen for those who want to remain on property.
            And did we mention there’s a ghost?
            Amelie Comeaux apparently haunts T-Frere’s Bed and Breakfast, a young widow who “accidentally” fell into a well on the property. The story goes that Amelie caught a fever, stumbled out at night for a drink and fell in to the dark water’s depths. Also, according to legend, the Catholic Church labeled it a suicide and Amelie was not buried on sacred ground.
            Amelie is a mischievous girl, what Cajuns call a “Canaille.” Like most ghosts she doesn’t approve of change and shows her displeasure when it happens. Owner Maugie Pastor has heard banging in the kitchen and visitors have had their toes pulled. One visitor claimed to have seen the petite lady in the yard; she spoke French to her. Previous owners have had paranormal experiences as well — but friendly reminders that they are not alone, such as the keys on the piano playing, bread rising and falling on the floor, female laughter in the parlor.

            If you’ve always wanted a bed and breakfast that comes with lagniappe — in South Louisiana that means a little something extra — and you have a million on hand, T’Frere’s Bed and Breakfast is for sale.