Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The book cover has been released!

            It’s quite an exciting thing when a book cover arrives. After months and months of interviews, ghost-hunting, writing, photographing and copyediting, the book is finally out the door and on the way to press. 
             But it’s something very special when your editor sends you the cover shot for the first time.
            So here it is, the cover for “Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana,” due to hit shelves later this summer, just in time for fall and that wonderful spooky holiday that closes up the month of October. And being that it’s full-on summer in Louisiana, I’m doubly looking forward to fall and those delightful drops in temperature.
            I’m also happy to report that the cover shot was taken by my son, Joshua Coen. Josh is a BFA Fine Arts-Photography candidate at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and will graduate this fall after what’s soon to be his spectacular senior thesis show.
            Please check back for book events! There’s plenty coming and they will be fun!!

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